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EMURGO is a founding entity of Cardano blockchain and its official commercial arm. EMURGO supports and provides socially impactful solutions leveraging Cardano to solve some of the most intricate problems of organizations and individuals in the blockchain space. EMURGO has worldwide offices in the U.S., Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Africa, and a roster of global clients & partners.

What we do:

  • Research & develop Web3 products and services for the Cardano ecosystem including digital payments, Cardano light wallet, developer access to our open-source repository, and more
  • Educate Cardano’s community and developers looking to start or transition to a career in blockchain and Web3
  • Invest in socially impactful projects building on Cardano through our investment arms EMURGO Middle East & Africa and EMURGO Ventures
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Cardano Foundation

The Cardano Foundation is the independent, Swiss-based and non-profit organization responsible for stewarding the advancement of the public, permissionless blockchain Cardano. Our mission is to anchor the Cardano blockchain as a baselayer for current and future financial and social systems, thus empowering the architects of the future. We aim to de-risk decentralization for regulators and organizations, while also giving the Cardano community the necessary tools and support to leverage the Cardano protocol to solve real world problems.


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Founded in 2018, Bitrue is one of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges and management platforms. Bitrue employs blockchain and emerging technologies that enable access to a wide suite of crypto products, options, and services.As a digital assets trading platform, Bitrue operates with globalisation, specialization and diversification at its core. Bitrue’s mission is to become a key player in making blockchain and digital assets infrastructure available to everyone by enabling users to buy, sell and invest in more than 700 cryptocurrencies.


WhiteBIT is a European centralized cryptocurrency exchange from Ukraine with more than 3 million users worldwide. More than 450 trading pairs of cryptocurrencies are represented on the exchange, 30+ of which are pairs with the state currency (fiat pairs). The average daily trading volume is more than $2,5 billion WhiteBIT.The crypto exchange is the central element of the WhiteBIT ecosystem, which includes several products: the decentralized exchange WhiteSwap, the crypto payment processing system Whitepay, the P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitcoin Global, and the Gagarin News, educational entertainment portal and a YouTube show on crypto and fintech.




BridgeTower Capital has developed a global regulated marketplace built on a robust tech stack to uniquely bring products that are constructed with compliant regulatory adherence to enable an institutional gateway to Staked Securities, Financial products, NFTs, Custom Turnkey offerings, and Web 3.0 offerings. BridgeTower operates more than 7,000 of its own staking nodes and owns servers utilizing 100 percent renewable energy. With offices in Switzerland, United States, London, Singapore, Latin America and soon Japan the company is integrating blockchain ecosystems around the globe in a safe regulated manner.


IAMX is the first Self-Sovereign Identity solution provider to incentivize consumer activity and comply with the strictest security standards. Our core product is a reusable KYC/KYB, known as rKYC/rKYB and we also have developed vNFT & vPool for the Community to use for verifying NFTs and Stake Pools.


Coinfirm is the world leader in blockchain analytics and blockchain investigations solutions, creating a safer blockchain economy – by protecting entities from being tainted with funds originating from illicit activities like ransomware hacks, human trafficking and terrorist financing – through risk scoring entities, addresses and transactions.


Taurus is a Swiss company that provides enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure to issue, custody, and trade any digital assets: cryptocurrencies include staking, tokenised assets, and digital currencies. Taurus is the Swiss leader and a European leader in digital asset infrastructure and entrusted the full spectrum of financial institutions: systemic banks, universal banks, online banks, crypto-banks, private banks, and broker-dealers. Taurus also runs a regulated marketplace for tokenised assets (