Introducing the Cardano Ballot–the voting app developed for the Cardano Summit. Celebrate the growth of the Cardano community and champion some of the best projects across our ecosystem.


The Cardano Summit
Awards 2022

The Cardano community nominated and voted for their favourite leaders from the ecosystem. 10 Awards will be given to the winners during the inaugural Cardano Summit Awards Ceremony on Nov 20.

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Most Impactful SSPO

To recognise the most impactful Single SPO as defined by
the community.

Blockchain For Good

To distinguish a project or SPO doing exceptional environmental or humanitarian work.

NFT Project

To highlight the community’s most impactful art, music, metaverse, gaming or collectible NFT project.

Developer or Developer Tools

To commend an individual, organisation or team’s contribution to the Cardano ecosystem.

Standards (CIPs)

To salute the initial proposer of a CIP remarkably improving the Cardano blockchain.

DeFi / DEX platform

To signal a DeFi or DEX platform offering superlative solutions.


To spotlight a wallet providing phenomenal management of Cardano tokens.


To appreciate the maturity and excellence of a marketplace.


To commemorate the special commitment and work of a Cardano Ambassador.

Educational Influencer

To applaud an individual or account vastly contributing to blockchain education.

Speaker Voting

Voting is now closed. The Cardano community voted for their favorite speakers to give them a chance to present during the main stage event at the Cardano Summit 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Follow the link below to see the results through the Cardano Ballot.

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