November 19-21, 2022

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What is the Cardano Summit 2022?

The Cardano Summit 2022 is a global event for anyone interested in blockchain technology. It is led by the Cardano Foundation and brings the Cardano community together. The Summit also welcomes everyone wishing to join the Cardano ecosystem or curious about how Cardano’s blockchain technology is being used to create positive change around the world. At the Summit, we celebrate successes and look to the future.

When and where will the Cardano Summit 2022 take place?

The Cardano Summit will happen on November 19 – 21, 2022, with the main stage event taking place at the SwissTech Convention Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. There will also be multiple community-led events in different cities around the world.

At what time will the Summit start and end?

Specific information about the Summit times will be shared later, but the event will likely offer activities from morning to evening.

What is the agenda for the main stage event?

The agenda is currently being finalized. Details will be shared as soon as possible.

How can I watch the Summit?

The Summit virtual platform will give access to the main stage event’s live stream. More information to be provided soon.

When will the main stage live stream start and for how long will it be made available?

The virtual stream will go live in accordance with the Lausanne event at the SwissTech Convention Centre. It will be recorded so everyone can view it at their own convenience.

Where is the nearest airport for the Summit?

Geneva, Switzerland.

Is the event free?

Yes, all three event options are free: main stage event at the SwissTech Convention Centre, community-led events, and virtual attendance. Capacity limitations might apply.

What is a community-led event?

A community-led event is an event hosted by a community member with support from the Cardano Foundation and at a location suggested by the host. The events will take place at 50+ locations across the globe.

How do I become a community-led event host?

Those wanting to host a community-led event can register their interest. Please do so as early as possible. The Cardano Foundation team will reach out with follow-up steps.

When will the official registration open?

The official registration is expected to open in September.

Will community-led events happen on the same date and at the same time as the main stage event in Lausanne, Switzerland?

Not necessarily. Community-led events will be planned close to the main stage event date (ideally within the same weekend), but they might not coincide entirely with the main stage event due to differences in time zones and the discretion from each community host.

Can I register to speak at an event? / Are there speaker slots available?

Yes, nominations to speak at the main stage in Lausanne, Switzerland are available here.

Are there sponsorship opportunities / packages?

Yes, more details regarding sponsorship packages can be found here.

How will the nominees be selected for The Cardano Summit Awards?

The nominees with the largest number of nominations from the Cardano community via the form here will be shortlisted and put forward to participate in The Cardano Summit Awards.

How will the speakers be selected to participate in the summit?

Speakers will be selected based on votes from the Cardano community. The speakers with the largest number of nominations will be shortlisted and put forward for further voting.

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