November 19-21, 2022


What is the Cardano Summit 2022?

The Cardano Summit 2022 is a global event for anyone interested in blockchain technology. It is led by the Cardano Foundation and brings the Cardano community together. The Summit also welcomes everyone wishing to join the Cardano ecosystem or curious about how Cardano’s blockchain technology is being used to create positive change around the world. At the Summit, we celebrate successes and look to the future.

When and where will the Cardano Summit 2022 take place?

The Cardano Summit will happen on November 19 – 21, 2022, with the main stage event taking place at the SwissTech Convention Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. There will also be multiple community-led events in different cities around the world.

The STCC address is: Rue Louis Favre 2, 1024 Ecublens, Switzerland


At what time will the Summit start and end?

19 November Welcome Party times: 19:00 – 00:00

20 November Event time: 09:00 – 16:00

20 November Gala Dinner: 19:00 – 00:00

21 November Event time: 09:00 – 16:00

21 November Closing Party: 20.00 – 02:00

What is the agenda for the main stage event?

Please visit the agenda page.

How can I watch the Summit?

The Summit virtual platform will give access to the main stage event’s live stream.

When will the main stage live stream start and for how long will it be made available?

The virtual stream will go live in accordance with the Lausanne event at the SwissTech Convention Centre. It will be recorded so everyone can view it at their own convenience.

Where is the nearest airport for the Summit?

Geneva, Switzerland.

Is the event free?

Yes, all three event options are free: main stage event at the SwissTech Convention Centre, community-led events, and virtual attendance. Capacity limitations might apply.

What is a community-led event?

A community-led event is an event hosted by a community member with support from the Cardano Foundation and at a location suggested by the host. The events will take place at 50+ locations across the globe.

Will community-led events happen on the same date and at the same time as the main stage event in Lausanne, Switzerland?

Not necessarily. Community-led events will be planned close to the main stage event date (ideally within the same weekend), but they might not coincide entirely with the main stage event due to differences in time zones and the discretion from each community host.

Are there sponsorship opportunities / packages?

Yes, more details regarding sponsorship packages can be found here.

How will the nominees be selected for The Cardano Summit Awards?

The nominees with the largest number of nominations from the Cardano community via the form here will be shortlisted and put forward to participate in The Cardano Summit Awards.

How will the speakers be selected to participate in the summit?

Speakers will be selected based on votes from the Cardano community. The speakers with the largest number of nominations will be shortlisted and put forward for further voting.

Are there any hotels available near the venue in Lausanne?

If you have not booked your hotel yet, please do so as soon as possible. Through a partnership with Lausanne Tourisme, you can find a selection of hotels at a discounted rate here.

What is the dress code for the event?

The dress code for the event is smart casual. If you are attending the Gala Dinner, the dress code is smart, lounge suits, and cocktail wear, with black tie optional.

How do I get to the venue?

For all venue travel and access information please visit the STCC website here.

Is there car parking at the venue?

Although there is no parking available at the venue, the STCC enjoys a central location in Lausanne and is easily accessible by foot, bike, and public transport. Pay & display car parks are also available around the city. 

What is the registration process at the venue?

On arrival, a host will greet you outside the venue. They will have your QR code ready and help you check in. If you cannot show a confirmation email, you will need to register online. You will then be advised when to move indoors towards a registration desk.

If you are a VIP or speaker, you will be led straight indoors to join the VIP queue.

At the registration desk, please present your QR code to be scanned. This will automatically print your badge for the event. The host will then attach a lanyard and hand it over. Please make sure you bring your lanyard and badge back the next day.

Once you have your lanyard, you can take your raffle ticket and collect your swag. Swag stations will be set up around the venue.

How do I receive my swag bag?

Upon receiving your badge, you will be provided with a raffle ticket which will be redeemable for a bag of swag.

Will there be any photography / videography at the event?

Photographs will be taken at the Cardano Summit 2022. By participating in this event you grant the Cardano Foundation and its partners full image use rights. For further information please see the ticket T&Cs on our website.

Can I share my experience on Social Media?

Yes, this is encouraged. Join in the action with the wider Cardano community, connecting the live stage in Lausanne, with virtual attendees, and with the community-led events on social media! Share your experience using the hashtags #CardanoSummit2022 #BuildingOnCardano and #CardanoCommunity. 


Type @CardanoSummit into instagram stories to access our exclusive Cardano Summit 2022 gifs.

How do I access the venue WIFI?

Public wifi (for all attendees)

Name: CardanoSummit2022

Password: BuildingonCardano!

Is there a cloakroom at the venue?

Cloakrooms are available at the venue in the lower Garden Level, free of charge for all attendees. 

How do I access the virtual platform?

You should receive your online access details by November 17, 2022. If you have not received your online access details, please contact [email protected]

Where do I find information about the Welcome Evening?

The welcome party will take place on November 19, 2022, at the Olympic Museum, Quai d’Ouchy 1, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland. Doors will open at 19:00.

Upon arrival at the Olympic Museum, please ensure you have the ticket containing your QR code ready to present to the team on the doors. Once your ticket has been scanned you will be issued with a wristband to permit your access to the venue.


Recommended access for wheelchairs happens through the north entrance, Avenue de l’Elysée. Once inside, all areas of the museum are wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions regarding this, or require more information, please contact the event team on [email protected]

Parking is not available at the Olympic Museum, however it can be found close by the venue in the underground car park at Port d’Ouchy. There is also parking along the banks of Ouchy and on Avenue de l’Elysee.

The venue is easily accessible for those traveling by public transport:

On foot

  • 10 minutes from the M2 Ouchy-Olympique metro
  • 10 minutes from the CGN landing in Ouchy
  • 20 minutes from Lausanne SBB station

Food will be served at the event. We ask any attendee with a food allergy or a dietary requirement to make themselves known to a member of the event team, especially if they have concerns or questions. A list of allergens is available on request at the venue.

Cloakrooms are available at the venue, free of charge for all attendees. 

A UBS ATM is located on the ground floor of the Olympic Museum. However, please be advised the venue accepts card payments at the bar and the museum shop.

Where do I find information about the Gala Dinner?

This is a seated dinner, so we kindly ask all guests to ensure a prompt arrival at the drinks reception which will be held from 18:30 until 19:30. 

The dress code for the gala dinner is smart with black tie optional. 

There is a drinks allocation with dinner. Extra drinks will be at your own expense. Please note, the bars have limited card payment facilities so we advise you to bring cash with you for the evening. There is also an ATM located near the venue.

Please let the event team know in advance if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements.

The event finishes at midnight. Please be aware that public transport will have finished, so please consider your return journey and make any necessary arrangements.

Where do I find information about the Closing Party?

The closing party will take place on November 21, 2022 at D!Club, Place Centrale 1, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland. Doors will open at 20:00.

Upon arrival at the D!Club, please ensure you have the ticket containing your QR code ready to present to the team on the doors. Once your ticket has been scanned you will be issued a wristband to permit your access to the venue. 

There is no specific dress code for the closing party.

There is no parking available at the venue. However, D!Club has a central location in Lausanne and is easily accessible by foot and public transport. Pay & display car parks are also available around the city. 

The event finishes at 02:00 on Tuesday November 22. There will be no public transport running, so please ensure you have made any necessary arrangements for your return journey.


Will there be security and first aid at the event?

Each venue has their own security team on site. They will be easily identifiable so should you have any issues or concerns with regards to security or safety please speak to the nearest security guard. 

Each venue will also have first aid equipment on site. If you need medical assistance, please find the nearest staff member who will be able to contact the first aid team.

Are there any COVID guidelines?

Covid Restrictions have been removed in Switzerland, but public concern still remains in relation to large gatherings. The SwissTech Convention Centre and the meeting organizers will provide hand sanitizing stations and have developed a COVID safety plan based on industry good practice. We encourage those planning to attend the event to assess if they have any underlying COVID symptoms. Where people feel they may have contracted COVID, we request you please avoid attending.  For more information please visit the FOPH website here.

Will food and drink be available at the event?

Food and refreshments will be provided on the live Summit days free of charge for all attendees.

If you have any dietary requirements or require any allergen information, please let a member of the hospitality team know and they will happily assist you.

Plus, there will be three food trucks located outside the main campus entrance – they are available from 11:00 until 16:00 on November 20 and 21. These are at your own cost. Cash or credit cards are accepted for payment. 

Is smoking allowed at the venue?

Is only permitted outside the Campus main entrance area.

Is there disabled access at the venue?

Should you have any requirements, please visit the help desk or email [email protected].

Where is ‘lost and found’?

We accept no responsibility for any items lost. However, if you find any items or lose anything please report to the help desk.

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