Call for Summit NFT Collection

Every year a community project is selected to create and deliver the official Cardano Summit NFTs. This year’s collection will center around the theme of Blockchain for Social Impact.

Submissions are now closed and the review process will end soon, with applicants later notified on their submission outcome via email.

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Why participate?




This year proposals should demonstrate how the use of blockchain can make the world a better place.


The collection reaches the thousands participating in the Summit at the main stage event, in the community-led events, and virtually.


This opportunity gives a Cardano NFT project the chance for potential collaborations beyond the Summit.

Summit NFT Collection

Selection criteria


  • Alignment with and relevance to Blockchain for Social Impact
  • Action and solution orientated
  • Multistakeholder participation
  • Innovation and originality
  • Utility features
  • Clear and defined scope
  • Diversity and inclusion


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