What kind of clothing can I wear in Dubai?

Since the national religion of the UAE is Islam, according to the official website of the UAE Government visitors are expected and encouraged to dress modestly in public places. These include spaces like places of worship and shopping malls. Some important points to remember about the dress code in Dubai for men and women are as follows: Clothing should not indecently reveal parts of the body or display offensive images or slogans. Nudity is strictly forbidden. Swimwear is not allowed in public places; it can, however, be worn in pools and beaches. Out of respect for Islamic tradition, female travelers will be required to wear abayas or head coverings when visiting mosques. Often, mosques in Dubai will keep these in stock for visitors. Men are also expected to dress appropriately when visiting a mosque. Visitors, both men and women, are encouraged to wear clothes that cover their shoulders, arms, and legs.