Rules on Panel Submission & Composition

We kindly ask that all interested partners carefully read and adhere to the panel composition rules below. The Cardano Summit Organizing Team reserves the right to propose changes to panel submissions as a condition for acceptance, or to decline the submission altogether should it not adhere to the rules below.

  1. This call for panels is aimed at Cardano ecosystem participants and welcomes proposals that address the ideas of operational resilience, education, and adoption.
  2. Please ensure you meet the selection criteria for a panel submission and that you are able to travel to the Cardano Summit 2024 in Dubai by the dates scheduled for the Summit to begin. 
  3. The panel will take place on the Pitch Stage at the Cardano Summit and will be recorded. The recordings will be posted to the Cardano Foundation YouTube channel shortly after the scheduled session. The recording may also be published by our partners and sponsors.
  4. Pitch Stage panel speakers will receive 1 VIP Pass to the Cardano Summit 2024. All travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the individual speakers themselves.
  5. If the speaker wishes to attend the Gala Awards Dinner, they must purchase the ticket for the dinner. 
  6. Please aim to have a maximum of 4 speakers and 1 moderator. Participants cannot double up roles. 
  7. Panels must have a gender, geographical, industry, and company balance.
  8. Please ensure that panelists represent differing perspectives and viewpoints on the chosen panel topic. Debate and open discussion are especially encouraged.
  9. The Cardano Summit Organizing Team reserves the right to choose the moderator. If you have a preference, please let us know during the panel submission process in the ‘Panel Moderator’ box.
  10. The company applying to submit a panel cannot have more than 1 participant on the panel.
  11. Speakers at the Cardano Summit 2024 do not speak more than once (excluding masterclasses).
  12. Panel compositions should be finalized and confirmed by 20 August 2024. If a panel does not sufficiently meet the selection criteria the Cardano Summit Organizing Team reserves the right to step in and take over organization of the panel, or to decline the panel submission.
  13. Upon successful application, further details will be shared with the lead panel organizer on how to obtain the Summit ticket and submit a headshot for the website.
  14. All speakers must obtain a valid speaker license in order to participate in the panels at the Summit, this involves providing your passport details and a short bio to be shared with Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) which will be done upon the speaker ticket registration process.
  15. The Cardano Summit Organization Team reserves the right to step in and address any issues,decline the panel submission or cancel the panel at any point, particularly if it determines that the selection criteria are no longer met by the panel. For any questions or clarifications, please reach out to us at [email protected]